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Белые люди

«Viktoria Lake»
К фильмам
Белые люди - описание, актеры, где и когда снят, продюсер, режиссер и другая информация о фильме на Афише Ислама
Италия, 2011
Жанр:Документальные, Фестиваль мусульманского кино 2013
Длительность: 65 мин
Продюсер / Режиссер: Enrico Giovannone, Matteo Salvai, Matteo Tortone

MANENO is looking for a cure for his wounds. SAMSON works as gardener in the town aqueduct. ALFRED is following the case of a man who has been mutilated in an aggression.

MANENO is looking for a cure for his wounds. SAMSON works as gardener in the town aqueduct. ALFRED is following the case of a man who has been mutilated in an aggression. Mr white is working at his next concert. These men live near Lake Victoria, an area abundant with stories of sudden richness and miraculous potions, or empty graves and immortality. It is in this region that white men, albinos like the four main characters, are often hunted to become tools of witchcraft. Written by Matteo Tortone Alfred is the chairman of the Tanzania Albino Society and he makes a living carrying out the everyday activities typical of a small society, but now he is sought after by the international press and he is following the case of a farmer who has been mutilated, probably the first victim of an aggression after six months of apparent calm. Samson is a member of this society, a young man trying to maintain his family working as a gardener at the aqueduct; his worries are bearable thanks to the love for his wife and his three kids. Maneno is a teenager with no interest in studying and spends his time on the play station and watching European soccer, but now, since a few days ago, a wound on his shoulder has started to give him problems. Dixon, known as Mr White by his neighborers, is an almost 20. He is a rapper who has created a little bit of a name for himself in the local bongaflava scene because of his songs which expose the problems of albinos. Now he is working at his next concert in the sparkling Kiss club in Mwanza town. All four men have grown up knowing about all the superstitions which lurk around them and may involve them from one day to another. In the last few years they have recognized that they have also become a sought-after element for new magic rituals, performed and sold by witchdoctors who promise that this is a way to obtain richness. Officially more than 150 people have been assaulted, and among them more than 70 have been killed. Samson, Mr White, Alfred and Maneno show their personal reactions to the absurd situation in which they live. Alfred concludes his case; Mr. White wants to claim his identity through music; Samson broods over his doubts regarding his immortality before going to a catholic mass; Maneno, in the hospital where he is being cured, asserts the right to be considered just like any youngster.

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Said Abdallah, Samson Biseko, Диксон Далла, Maneno Idd, Alfred Kapole
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